Proface Extream Display Install

Our customer had a old PanelView 700 on a carboard bailer that was not responding. So we tried a factory reset and attempted to reflash the firmware but had no luck. In exploring the options for how to fix this situation the customer was quoted a new PanelView and the Proface Extream. The Proface was a better fit due to the tempered glass screen, the low glare high contrast, and the temperature specs. The temperature specification is what we believe was the biggest issue for the PanelView, since it was only rated down to 32F and this building was not climate controlled it could get to 0F easily. The pricing came back that we could completely redevelop the screen and replace it with the Proface at a competitive price with the PanelView.

In the final installation we ended up combining a few screens, to make this a 3 window display opposed to the original 12 page display. This allowed the operator to control the machine quicker and allowed for easier training on the machine since there was not a question of which screen do I have to be on.

New Proface Extream Display
Old PanelView