Singing in the Rain

Singin' In The Rain

This was a interesting project that was done with a local theater (Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center) that we had many challenges to overcome. Probably the biggest issue was to maintain a rain like effect in a small area, while not getting the curtains wet.  Anyone in theater knows that the curtains are all fire proofed with a chemical that when it gets wet turns white.  So when there are expensive curtains we tend to not want to ruin them with a oops of the spray nozzles.  LOL.

The second biggest issue was to get the spacing on the nozzles correct to give the proper effect. We had to remake the main spray tubing after our first full scale test to get this to look right.  After that we found a nasty little issue that happens when you use PVC pipe with solenoid valves which was that any little piece left from the cut in the pipe will cause the valves to drip.  So we had to run the test several times to basically flush any contaminate out and then tear the valves down to clean them and all was ok after that.

The last and most interesting thing was we learned that chlorine in the water can have some real negative effects on certain paints on the floor.  The black paint started to turn gray. So the stage crew had to come up with ways of dealing with that to prevent discoloration.

Also here is the production video that we created for your enjoyment, btw that was my first camera interview. I find it very interesting and enjoy working with the local theaters.  So if you are a theater and would like to talk some on how we can work together lets get a conversation started.